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Alfilo Brands is an industry leading consumer products company that holds exclusive licensing rights to many of the world's leading art, cultural, fashion & entertainment properties.

Our global company has demonstrable expertise developing cutting edge, innovative & unique merchandising programs for licensed museum & gallery properties.

We've partnered with many of the world's leading consumer brands & retailers, allowing them the ability to share their intellectual property with fans of museums & galleries around the world.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with 3 support offices in China (Shanghai, Beijing, & Guangzhou), Alfilo Brands offers their unique design and intellectual property opportunities on a global scale to consumer brand and retail clients.


Our mission is to provide brands, retailers, and consumers a diversified portfolio of cultural and entertainment intellectual property that will inspire product collaboration, experiences, and collections across all categories of retail and beyond.


By utilizing artifacts, paintings, imagery & inspiration from within the world's top museums and galleries, Alfilo Brands is able to offer millions of assets that can be used to create beautiful product collections inspired by the art, history & culture that has shaped our world.

Drag the arrows below to see The Noble Game of the Swan from The British Museum transform into a beautiful, designer scarf.

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Case Studies

  • The British Museum x Meitu
  • The British Museum x M&G Stationary
  • The British Museum x Kindle
  • The British Museum x Beast
  • The British Museum x Xiaomi